TGMLP #002: The Five Best Van Halen Albums To Own

24 minutes

The sudden passing of Eddie Van Halen on October 5 of this year after years of battling cancer was a shock to the music world. This week, we put all of our other plans aside and honor EVH and his legacy by picking out the first five Van Halen albums you should own if you haven't listened to the band outside of their radio hits before. We also do a follow-up to our first episode and give our impressions on the long-awaited first full-length album from Blackpink (which is the only thing we left in our pre-production planning from before Eddie passed away).

We forgot to mention it on the podcast itself, but in honor not only of Eddie Van Halen, but other musical heroes we've lost in the past few years to the disease (David Bowie, Grant Hart, Tommy Ramone, etc.)... #FuckCancer

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Theme music "Diesel Power" by CJ Marsicano

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