URGENT! Ex-Black Flag Bassist Kira Roessler’s Custom Bass Stolen!

Former Black Flag bassist Kira Roessler announced the theft of her custom-made bass guitar on her Facebook page, along with some other items, from her Studio City, CA home this morning.

The bass is a three-quarter-scale instrument custom-made by California-based luthier Mark Garza with a Rickenbacker-style body and Telecaster-style headstock with the name “Garz” on it; according to Kira there is also a small nick in the headstock. It is the only model of its kind in existence;  it has been Roessler’s main instrument for the past several years as part of the two-bass duo Dos with Minutemen/Stooges bassist Mike Watt, both at their occasional live gigs and in recording sessions for the forthcoming fourth Dos album.

Anyone with any information on Ms. Roessler’s bass should e-mail findkirasbass@thegroovemusiclife.com – we will forward any and all information to Ms. Roessler.

EDIT TO ADD, 1.7.11 11:40 AM: Kira has told us that she is awaiting an LAPD case number “which might be useful if someone spots it but doesn’t want to do more than make a call”. Soon as she gets it and passes it on, we’ll update the post with that information.

EDIT TO ADD, 1.8.11 7:44 PM: Kira has gotten her case number from the LAPD; It is 111504304 – this is the number one should use as reference if anyone finds Kira’s bass in a pawnshop, online [eBay/Craigslist et. al.], etc. Kira has also asked everyone concerned that may discover her stolen instrument: “Please be judicious … I don’t want them to stop responding.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/snOre/145748425435273 Acain31

    I hope your Bass comes home

  • Harry Dalrymple

    mind numbing…people or rather thieves suck!

  • Kurtlowe17

    You can replace your equipment etc..But it is the invasion of your personals that makes it hard to place your trust in others! Luv ya Kira! ….Kurt

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